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Type Working Paper - LSMS Working Paper
Title A guide to Living Standards Measurement Study surveys and their data sets
Volume 120
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1995
This document serves two purposes. First, for analysts with a general notion that LSMS data may be of interest for their work, the document provides a brief summary of the data available from, and access agreements relevant to, each country, and of the services offered as part of the World Bank ' s ongoing data management activities. This should help interested researchers to assess whether and how to pursue the use of a specific data set. For further information, the researcher should follow the procedures explained in Chapter IV on " Data Access and Content. " Second, the document serves as a brief introduction and history of the LSMS. For those unfamiliar with LSMS, it will provide a basic orientation. For those familiar with LSMS surveys in the context of one or two countries, it provides a broader picture. Since there is greater diversity in country experiences than widely recognized, this emphasis is important.

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