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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master's
Title Chocolate war - capitalist peace? Investment in cocoa, reconciliation and capitalist post-conflict development in Cote d Ivoire
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
There is an increasing unity about the importance of economic conditions of individuals and the natural resources of nation states in conflict studies. One section of the literature highlighting the economic nature of peace is the so-called capitalist peace theory, arguing for the importance of trade, globalisation and market values in peace-building efforts. Advocates of the involvement of private business in post-conflict economies also claim that investors and private business can play a role in preventing a relapse into conflict. This thesis will critically examine such claims by questioning whether or not investment in the cocoa value chain has a positive impact on reconciliation in post-conflict Côte d Ivoire. By focusing on the development after the country s 2011 crisis, the thesis will analyse the four capitalist peace assumptions, namely the transformative power of capitalist markets, their conditional effect with democracy, the protection of contracts and the signalling towards investors, and see whether investment activities in the cocoa sector have had a positive impact on reconciliation. In addition to the abovementioned will this thesis examine the involvement of private chocolate businesses and NGO networks and their impact on job creation, the improvement of livelihoods and the re-integration of former combatants.

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