Gramsci’s spatial dialectics

Type Journal Article - Brill
Title Gramsci’s spatial dialectics
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
This review-essay contends that Gramsci: Space, Nature, Politics is essential reading for an appreciation of the relevance of the eponymous thinker to a number of seminal theoretical debates and to a wider strategic discussion on the trajectory of the left in the twenty-first century. The book provides a vigorous vindication of Gramsci’s utilisation of concepts such as passive revolution, dialectical nature and a relational view of the mind. There are incisive discussions of ecology and intersectionality through a Gramscian lens. The collection also includes outstanding analyses of class struggles in a number of developing capitalist states, including Brazil and South Africa. The review argues that a distillation of the ideas contained in the work would be an asset to Marxists engaged in theoretical and practical activity.

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