Ethnic identity in a 'homogeneous' nation state

Type Thesis or Dissertation - PhD Thesis
Title Ethnic identity in a 'homogeneous' nation state
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
This thesis adopts a two thronged approach to explore the two components of the common wisdom in Botswana. Firstly, it tests the claim by the common wisdom that Botswana is inherently homogeneous. That 90% of the population either speaks Setswana or belongs to Setswana speaking tribes. Secondly, it tests the fact that this perceived homogeneity connect to the country's democratic, economic and political success. The study uses existing Afrobarometer survey data drawn from Rounds 1 (1999), 2 (2003) and 3 (2005) Afrobarometer survey data to test both claims about Botswana's homogeneity thesis.

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