Early grade reading and mathematics in South Africa: Interventions

Type Book Section - Coaching research in the Early Grade Reading Studies in South Africa
Title Early grade reading and mathematics in South Africa: Interventions
Edition 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2022
Page numbers 48-63
Publisher Oxford University Press
City Cape Town
Country/State South Africa
URL https://www.calameo.com/oxford-university-press-south-africa/read/006710753e7d90d4a4755
Over the past two decades, instructional coaching has emerged as a key feature of effective interventions to improve early grade
learning. This chapter traces South African research undertaken over the past twelve years on the impact of instructional coaching in large-scale structured pedagogic programmes. Combining evidence from large-scale counterfactual comparable and replication
studies and in-depth qualitative case studies that aim to uncover mechanisms, this chapter illustrates the contribution of this
research programme to advancing knowledge of how to improve early grade learning system-wide in the Global South. Specifically, the research highlights the feasibility, cost-effectiveness and mechanisms of on-site instructional coaching as part of structured pedagogic programmes.

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