Family influence on adolescent sexual behaviour in South Africa

Type Book Section - Adolescent pregnancy
Title Family influence on adolescent sexual behaviour in South Africa
Edition 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2024
Page numbers 147-181
Publisher Springer Nature
City Cham
Country/State Switzerland
This chapter discusses the magnitude of adolescent pregnancy and its relation to familial circumstances. It seeks to understand how living in a nuclear or extended family structure influences adolescent sexual behaviour and the perceptions of adolescents and parents regarding the role of the family in shaping adolescent sexual behaviour. The CAPS dataset had only a few cases of an extended family structure, and as a result, cases had to be pooled together and two-family structures were investigated instead. The two were married/cohabiting and single/divorced/widowed family structures. Additionally, the mother's and father's residence status were investigated. Family type and family structure were then used interchangeably. However, perceptions regarding other family structures and their link to adolescent pregnancy were investigated using qualitative data which are presented in this chapter.

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