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Reddy, Vijay, Haroon Bhorat, Marcus Powell, Mariette Visser, and Fabian Arends. Skills supply and demand in South Africa. Pretoria: Human Sciences Research Council, 2016.
Reddy, Vijay, Tia Linda Zuze, Mariette Visser, Lolita Winnaar, Andrea Juan, Cas Prinsloo, Fabian Arends, and Shawn Rogers. Beyond benchmarks: What twenty years of TIMSS data tell us about South African education. : Human Sciences Research Council, 2015.
Journal Article
Lim, Sung Soo, Alex Winter-Nelson, and Mary Arends-Kuenning. "Household bargaining power and agricultural supply response: evidence from Ethiopian coffee growers." World Development 35, no. 7 (2007): 1204 -0.
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