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Journal Article
Babalola, Stella, Lisa Folda, and Hadiza Babayaro. "The effects of a communication program on contraceptive ideation and use among young women in northern Nigeria." Studies in family planning 39, no. 3 (2008): 211-220.
Conference Paper
Babalola, M., and I. Oluwatayo. "Asset ownership and income as drivers of household poverty in South Africa." The 56th annual conference of the agricultural economics association of South Africa. 0, 2018.
Jacobs, Peter, Bongiwe Mcata, Chijioke Nwosu, Whadiah Parker, Admire Nyamwanza, Matume Maila, Fundisiwe Malinga, and Moyosoore Babalola. The status of population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development during the Covid-19 and lockdown period in South Africa. : HSRC, 2021.
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