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Thesis or Dissertation
Zinyakatira, Nesbert, Nesbert. "Completeness of death registration in Cape Town and its health districts, 1996-2004." Master's thesis, University of Cape Town, 2007.
Book Section
Zinyakatira, Nesbert. "The state of the population in the Western Cape Province." Adult mortality in the Western Cape: An example from Cape Town metro (2008).
Journal Article
Groenewald, Pam, Debbie Bradshaw, Johann Daniels, Nesbert Zinyakatira, Richard Matzopoulos, David Bourne, Najma Shaikhe, and Tracey Naledie. "Local-level mortality surveillance in resource-limited settings: A case study of the City of Cape Town highlights disparities in health." Bulletin of the World Health Organization (2010).
Nannan, Nadine, Rob Dorrington, Ria Laubscher, Nesbert Zinyakatira, Megan Prinsloo, Timotheus Darikwa, Richard Matzopoulos, and Debbie Bradshaw. Under-5 mortality statistics in South Africa: Shedding some light on the trends and causes 1997-2007. Cape Town, South Africa: South African Medical Research Council, 2012.
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