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Journal Article
Mudenda, Sheila, Stanley Kamocha, Robert Mswia, Martha Conkling, Palvar Sikanyiti, Dara Potter, William Mayaka, and Melissa M Marx. "Feasibility of using a World Health Organization-standard methodology for Sample Vital Registration with Verbal Autopsy (SAVVY) to report leading causes of death in Zambia: results of a pilot in four provinces, 2010." Population health metrics 9, no. 1 (2011): 40-0.
Thesis or Dissertation
De Carvalho M, Sheila. "The relationship between occupation status and subjective well-being in South Africa." Masters Thesis, University of Johannesburg, 2021.
Working Paper
Biyase, Mduduzi, Liza-Mari Volschenk, and Sheila De Carvalho. "Occupation status-subjective wellbeing nexus: A quantile regression analysis." EDWRG Working Paper Series (2022).
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