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Working Paper
Bosch, Dawie, Debbie Budlender, Sam Tshabalala, Anne Skelton, Lesley London, Neva Makgetla, Shireen Motala, Shirin Motala, and Shirley Mabusela. "Towards a National Child Labour Action Programme for South Africa." Discussion Document (2002).
Motala, Shireen, Veerle Dieltiens, Nazir Carrim, Paul Kgobe, George Moyo, and Symphorosa Rembe. Educational access in South Africa: Country analytic review. Johannesburg, South Africa: University of the Witwatersrand, 2007.
Book Section
Motala, Shireen, and David Carel. "South African schooling: The enigma of Inequality: A study of the present situation and future possibilities." Educational funding and equity in South African schools (2019).
Journal Article
Sayed, Yusuf, Shireen Motala, David Carel, and Rashid Ahmed. "School governance and funding policy in South Africa: Towards social justice and equity in education policy." South African Journal of Education 40, no. 4 (2021).
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